Established in 2020, ‘Beyondo Co’ is dedicated to connecting people of all demographics, our vision is to be a brand that anyone can feel comfortable in, whether you come from the country, the city or the coast. 


With the brand having started its roots in the regional town of Griffith NSW and later branching out to the coastal city of Wollongong, we have had the chance to experience the best of what each lifestyle has to offer. Our unique designs allow us to offer garments that encourage individuality, creativity, self-expression, and accessibility for all people. 


As a brand we are determined in our mission to create pieces that anyone can wear with ease, and affordability. We understand that people's needs are different than each other, which is why we work relentless in our design process to strive to keep things simple yet bold at the same time, our garments can be worn to suit any occasion from country to city, from beach to boardwalk


Beyondo Co is built for the real world, from experiences taken from around Australia.


We believe in the power of minimalism and finding beauty in simplicity. Our designs are a natural extension of who we are, where we are from, and how we live our everyday lives.


We pride ourselves on taking into consideration ethical business practices to ensure a sustainable future, all garments have been responsibly sourced from suppliers with safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.



Our Unique Ordering System

The thing that is unique about Beyondo Co is our use of a ‘made to order’ system, our products only get printed when a customer places an order, creating items that already have a known buyer. 

This method of supply means that we do not keep large amounts of stock in our warehouse, but more importantly, no waste! 

Traditional shopping chains produce items to sell, they are manufactured in bulk to save money. Meanwhile, many products that don't get sold by these chains often end up in landfills or get burned, resulting in more emissions and pollution. 

92 million tons of textile go to waste in the fashion industry each year, which is why we believe this business model is a game changer!